Monday, August 22, 2011

What We've Been Up To...

We have been keeping busy this past month. Dan and I both went to Bachelor(ette) parties for our friends that are getting married at the end of this month. I had my first night of uninterrupted sleep since probably March. It was amazing! Dan went rafting and partied with his friends, I don't think he slept as well as I did ;)

I never updated the blog when Holly was 1 month old. We weighed her at home and estimate that she was 8 lb 3 oz at one month. In comparison, Elliott was 10 lb 9oz! Around 5 weeks she finally started wearing her 0-3 Month clothing, rather than the tiny newborn stuff we had. She's just a little bean. Dan thinks that she is up to 10 lbs now, at 7 weeks. Holly is doing really well. She has started to have some longer stretches of sleep at night, usually around 5 hours. We had a few rough mornings last week where she wanted to get up at 5am. Dan and I are NOT morning people. So, that was not fun at all - especially for Dan because he was the one up with her. She is very happy in the morning and will give us tons of smiles. Unfortunately, we've hit the colicky stage and she is not very happy in the evenings. I'm hoping that passes quickly and she can get back to being her sweet self.

Elliott is doing great. He amazes me every day with his memory and the things he says to me. His memory of events is out of this world. Unfortunately, that also means he remember all the bad things. For example, he likes to remind me that I honked and got mad at a car at a certain point on the road near our house. He does this probably 70% of the time that we pass that point on the road. Thanks Elliott. He is finally getting the hang of riding his tricycle by himself. He is really creative with his playing, but also very literal. He's all boy and likes guns. Though, usually they are made out of legos. He's shoot you saying, "gun gun gun. I gunned you". Elliott is adjusting really well to having Holly around. There are times when he is really sweet with her. Other times he ignores her existence.

Elliott in the Lovejoy Fountain in Portland. This is right next to the apartment Dan and I lived in when we first got married. We loved living downtown. I loved walking to work in 5 minutes!

Because we are season ticket holders with the Portland Timbers we were invited to a special event at the field about 2 weeks ago. The players were all there for autographs. You could go down on the field and play a pick up game or shoot goals. Here's Elliott scoring a goal:

Here we are with Timber Joey:

Holly is smiling now. But, it's hard to get on film. Here is a grainy picture I took with my phone:

Backyard camp out:

Playing in the pool is serious stuff:

The first bath Holly has actually enjoyed:

This summer has been really mild. I think we had our first 90 degree day on Saturday! Which means that we are still able to get peas out of our garden in mid August. Everything else is lagging behind. Our tomatoes have just started to get ripe. Elliott really likes being able to pick peas or blueberries any time he wants. He loves tomatoes, once those ripen he will be eating them all. I think it great for him to be able eat straight from the garden.

Teeny tiny bell pepper:


Finally, some hot weather in Portland!! I've taken lots of pictures in the last few days and will update again soon.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Elliott Quote

Sometimes when you are putting Elliott to bed he gets really talkative.  Last night he had been laying in our bedroom for a while, and we have a picture on the wall from when Wendy and I got married.  He'd obviously been staring at this for a bit because he asked me "Did you and mommy get married".  I told him we had and then he made a couple jokes about "who's Mary?".

After asking again whether we got married, and me confirming that yes we were, he asked:  "Is that why you got married, so mom could get fat?"  Since to him being fat means the same thing as being pregnant, I had to answer "yeah, sort of".