Monday, July 26, 2010


Elliott's favorite activity is to garden. He loves it! Though, you better be out there with him, or else! He likes to "dig, dig, dig" all day. I got him some mini gardening gloves the other cute! He mostly just likes to pour dirt onto our patio, not always the most fun activity. At least he's happy, right?


This has been a busy July. We have had a lot of weddings to attend this month, one every weekend to be exact. We have 3 down and 1 to go. Yay!! Of course this one is a biggie, Dan's sister, Lauren and Justus are getting married. We are thrilled for them and are very excited to celebrate up on Mt. Rainier (where it is about 10 degrees cooler than in Portland).

Our friends Jamie and Sarah got married on the 10th. They were so cute and had a great wedding at a local winery. Sarah was all grins and giggles and tears as they got married. Dan has known Jamie since Grade School and Sarah since Jr. High. I've known them since High School. They are a very sweet couple together and we are so thrilled that they are now married. What's cute is that they had crushes on each other back in 9th grade (I think), but were too shy to say anything.

My best friend, Amanda, was married to Mike on the 18th. Technically those two met back in college one night. But, in reality they met through me (yay!) at a dance club in Portland... WAY back in the day. I am so happy for the two of them. Amanda and I have been friends since 9th grade Spanish class. Dan got in trouble walking to Amanda's house in 7th grade because he was out too late. Their wedding was at Imbrie Hall. This is where my brother in law, Ryan's, Dad grew up. Their wedding was small and sweet and a ton of fun. Dan and I danced for what felt like hours! I didn't want to leave, but Elliott was tired and was calling for us (He was with Gma and Gpa Godley).

Our good friends Brad and Carrie got married on the 24th. Brad and Dan have been inseparable since about 7th grade. They lived together for years post-college, before I came into the picture and took Dan away :) I was actually good friends with Brad in High School because we life guarded and played water polo together. Somehow Dan and I never met though. When Brad met Carrie we were all so happy. She is so kind and so good for Brad in every way. Plus, she has become a really good friend to both Dan and I. We were both really honored to be in their wedding party, Dan was the best man. We had so much fun at their wedding. It was like a mini high school reunion!

On Wednesday we leave for Seattle to celebrate with Lauren and Justus. I'll do an update later for them. We are so looking forward to it! Also, thanks to both sets of Grandparents who have helped out so that we could celebrate these weddings without Elliott - for the most part. We love E, but it's nice to celebrate with friends without him.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

We've been busy!

Hello All, sorry to say, I've been a bad blogger! We've been busy the last few weeks and it's just going to get worse. We have 4 friends getting married in the month of July - including Dan's sister, Lauren. So, we've been busy celebrating with the brides, grooms, our families and everyone else imaginable! I have some great picture of Elliott with his cousins that need to be posted, but I'm not at home this weekend. I'll try to get them posted on Monday.

On the weekend of June 19th and 20th we went to Long Beach, WA to celebrate with Dan's family. His mom was turning 60, Dan was turning 30 and it was also Father's Day. We had a great weekend at the beach house. Dan and I feel very lucky that Elliott has so much fun with his family because that means much less work for us. We were able to relax a lot. Happy Birthdays, Chris and Dan!! Happy Father's Day, Larry and Dan!

The next weekend Dan went out of town to Bend, OR for a bachelor party weekend. His best friend, Brad, is getting married and Dan is the best man. They had a great time. Dan arrived home bruised and cut up from playing baseball in the scrubby desert land. Elliott and I stayed home and played with my sisters and their kids. On Saturday night I got a break from E and went out to celebrate Carrie's bachelorette party - she is marrying Brad. It was nice for me to get a break :)

This weekend is the 4th. We are hoping to see the fireworks over the Columbia river on Brad's boat.'s 4 weeks of weddings! :) We are so excited that our friends are all getting married. I can't wait to celebrate with them.

Pictures to come....