Friday, December 2, 2011

Picture Update

As if the pictures from Elliott's birthday and Thanksgiving weren't enough, here are a few more for the Grandma's out there reading this.

Elliott as a firefighter. Everyday he is wearing these goggles with either his firehat or another explorer hat.

Holly, modeling her new cloth diapers.

Elliott and Holly, holding hands.

Hanging out together

Elliott and Dan, playing Nintendo

Playing in her gym. She loves to bounce and goes wild in here!

Entertaining Holly with legos

Elliott working on his shape puzzles from Auntie Lauren. Mine is in the foreground next to Holly :)

Thanksgiving Weekend 2011

We had a marathon Thanksgiving this year. We spent most of the day on Thursday at home, relaxing....sort of. Dan brought his amazing spinach salad to dinner, so he made that. I made pumpkin pie and bon bons! So, we baked and cooked, but none of it was too hard. That evening we spent Thanksgiving with my family. All the cousins had a great time, thanks to Dan who played with them so much!

Elliott, looking grown up:

"The Boys"

I just love this one of Cameron and Brooke!

Thursday morning we got the news that Dan's sister, Lauren, was in labor. Her due date was the day after Thanksgiving. Little Cora arrived right on time, 3:45am! All 8lb, 15 oz of her!!! We were thinking of Lauren constantly on Thursday and were glad to get the texts early in the morning on Friday with the exciting news. So, we hopped in our car and drove to Seattle to visit our newest niece. Unfortunately, the only picture I have of Lauren and Cora isn't good, sorry Lauren.

Auntie Jade with Cora:

Porters checking out Cora:

Holly and Cora. It's the angle, Holly is bigger than Cora!

Holly hanging out on Auntie Lauren's bed:

Happy Birthday, Elliott!!

We took a blog break. I had a few moments where I thought, "hey, I should probably update that blog", but then I didn't. Elliott and Holly were both sick for an entire week in November and we didn't do much of anything.

Elliott turned 3 years old on the 3rd of November. When did that little monkey get so big! He is doing great! I'm pleased to announce that after a very long time we can finally say that Elliott is nearly potty trained! We started and stopped a few times over the past year, but finally had a lot of success in the past few months. Everything is a gun to him or a sword. He likes to play Dan's old Game Boy advanced, specifically Zelda. He'll wander around and tell me that he "sworded" a bad guy.

Elliott on his birthday. He would not cooperate for pictures that morning.

Elliott and Holly before the party.

We had a pirate themed birthday party for him on his birthday and were happy to celebrate with cousins.

We did a pin the treasure on the map game. Somehow, all the kids landed on the same spot. Weird. No one said that it was really easy to see out of the bottom side of the mask. The prizes for that game was swords. The kids loved them!! I think Dan and Jake did, too.

Happy Birthday, Elli-Bug!