Sunday, July 8, 2012

Celebrating Hawaiian Style!

Yesterday we had Holly's 1st Birthday party.  We celebrated with family and we are thankful that everyone (except Jake who was!) was able to be there with us.  Dan organized games for the kids.  To me, it seemed like a great party!  I took close to 200 pictures, so here is a little sample of the fun we had.

Getting prepped to celebrate 

 Holly the climber!  She can make it to the top of this slide...great...
Dan explaining "fire island" to the kids.  Basically walk a balance beam through Tiki Torches.

Cameron's turn

 Holly even tried it out


 Elliott doing the "monkey roll".  Rolling a ping pong ball down the ramp into the monkey face

 Holly and Daddy

Holly and Mommy 

Paige peeking out of the castle

Pinata time!

Everyone got a turn 

Josh finally broke it open after everyone had 2 turns

Cora patiently watches all the madness

Happy Birthday, Holly!

She was quite dainty for a few minutes and poked at her cupcake

But, then she dove right in!

Family watching

Cousins eating their cupcakes

After gifts were opened


The castle was really fun for the kids

These parents look tired!

Grace just loves Holly

We had a great Birthday party.  Thanks everyone for making it so special!

Independence Day Celebrating

We celebrated July 4th with great weather - finally!  While the rest of the country has been sweltering with heat, it has been downright cold here.  We finally got a day in the 80's for the 4th.  Our family spent the day in Wilsonville with family.  We started with a parade in the neighborhood that both my sister Amy and her family live as well as Dan's parents.  There was a fire truck that led a parade of kids throughout the neighborhood.  It was very cute and very fun.  After the parade the neighborhood hosted a picnic.

Tons of pictures...get ready!

 Holly is dressed up and ready to be in the parade!

Waiting for all the cousins to have their bikes decorated.  Elliott requested a green balloon because it's his favorite color.  At least he had patriotic streamers.

All 8 cousins ready to go! 

 Off to join the parade

 Grace is learning to ride without training wheels!  

Super Best Friends, Elliott and Cameron

Most of the family is in this shot 

 Sarah, Amy, Paige and my Mom

 Paige getting ready to give Holly a hug

 Rock Star Grace!

We spent the remainder of the day with Dan's family celebrating the 4th.  Dan bought a box of fireworks and some sparklers and did a little show for us.  Amy and her boys came over to enjoy it with us.  Fireworks were VERY exciting to the boys, especially Caleb who said how "awesome!" every single one was.
 Baby Cousins enjoying the great weather

She was loving playing in these chairs

  Elliott flying at me, "I'm an angry bird!"

 Beautiful kids

 Family Shot

Ready to start the show!

Happy Birthday, Holly!

Holly is now 1 year old!  I can't believe how much time has gone by since she was a little bean.  Still no walking, but a lot of standing on her own now.  She has started to sign, occasionally.  She will do milk, more and all done.  I admit to not being as dedicated with her as I was with Elliott.  

This is how Holly celebrated her 1st Birthday at home with us: