Monday, December 24, 2012


On normal days, Dan works in his office or sometimes on the couch with his laptop.  He is by far the most popular person in the house.  Elliott and Holly can't stand that his office door is shut and they can't get to him.  Elliott, being older, is much better about knocking (pounding) on his door.

Today Dan had the day off.  So, he was upstairs with the kids while I was cleaning and vacuuming downstairs.  E & H were screaming to get to me.  They needed their mom so badly!  I guess when I'm not 100% available to them all the the sudden I am quite amazing and they have to be with me.

Apparently from an early age you always want what you can't necessarily have!

Also, Elliott says my job is "playing" and that I never get a day off.  Thanks, bud.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday

Last weekend was Elliott's 4th Birthday.  It's hard to believe that he is 4 already.  We had a lego themed birthday party at Chuck E Cheese's.  It was really nice to have the party not at home, since I didn't have to clean before and then re-clean after.  We had a lot of kids this year.  We had 8 cousins, Holly and a small group of friends.  It was busy, but a lot of fun.  His birthday was on Saturday and the party was Sunday.  We opened his present from us on Saturday morning.  He was so excited for superhero legos.


 Grampa, Josh and Gramma

 Poppa and Holly - thanks for taking charge of this crazy girl during the party!

 Getting ready to have cake

 High Five from Chuck E Cheese first

Holly is 16 months old 

Elliott is 4

We've been very busy building and re-building many lego sets in the past week.  


It was a rainy and cold night, which is pretty typical for Oregon.  We went to a few houses as a family, then I took Elliott out and we did a loop around the neighborhood.  Here are a few pictures from Halloween this year.

Earlier in the day Holly was wearing her costume and playing with T-Rex 

Not the best weather for pictures, or the most cooperative kids.  I think they are stunned here. 

Holly raids Elliott's candy stash while he cozied up on the couch. 

Dance party after some candy kicked in..he he

The day before Halloween, Tuesday the 30th, Elliott got to wear his costume to Preschool.  The kids did a short parade for the parents.  They had tambourines and maracas and marched in a circle around the preschool twice.  It was very cute!  Elliott loved wearing his costume to 3 events this year (he also went to a Superhero Birthday party).  Holly can't get enough of her fat ladybug costume.  If she sees it in her closet she will yell at me and point.  Basically, she would wear it daily if I let her.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Earth Explained

Dan and Elliott read a book last night about the earth and how it has evolved over the years.  As I was putting E to bed (for the 3rd time) he said to me:

The earth started out as hot lava (said with a super excited voice).  Then, water came.  Then, LIFE (said mysteriously).  Then dinosaurs.  Then racoons.  Then us.

He is very interested in space right now.  We got this book at the library, The Brightest in the Sky.  He asks about planets and astronauts every day.  I think I'll have to head back to the library and get more books from this planet collection.

I'll post more pictures and a better update in the next few days.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Picture Recap

Get ready for it....I'm not going to write much, but there will be a ton of pictures to look at from the past month and a half!

Enjoy :)

In mid July we went Blueberry and Marionberry picking at a local farm.


At the end of June my cousin, Anna, and her family visited from Charlotte, NC.  I already posted some pictures from this visit on facebook, so I've just added a few more here.

Caleb is 3 and just figured out how to do monkey bars!  I told Amy he needs to start gymnastics.

 Here are the eight cousins on my side and Henry, Anna's son.


Dan and Elliott did a backyard camp-out at the beginning of August


 Elliott and Holly love riding around the house!

 Elliott has turned into quite a climber


We went to Seaside the second weekend in August and visited Fort Clatsop


 It was HOT here for about 5 days, we spent one of them with Amy and her boys playing in the water and eating Otter Pops.


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Celebrating Hawaiian Style!

Yesterday we had Holly's 1st Birthday party.  We celebrated with family and we are thankful that everyone (except Jake who was!) was able to be there with us.  Dan organized games for the kids.  To me, it seemed like a great party!  I took close to 200 pictures, so here is a little sample of the fun we had.

Getting prepped to celebrate 

 Holly the climber!  She can make it to the top of this slide...great...
Dan explaining "fire island" to the kids.  Basically walk a balance beam through Tiki Torches.

Cameron's turn

 Holly even tried it out


 Elliott doing the "monkey roll".  Rolling a ping pong ball down the ramp into the monkey face

 Holly and Daddy

Holly and Mommy 

Paige peeking out of the castle

Pinata time!

Everyone got a turn 

Josh finally broke it open after everyone had 2 turns

Cora patiently watches all the madness

Happy Birthday, Holly!

She was quite dainty for a few minutes and poked at her cupcake

But, then she dove right in!

Family watching

Cousins eating their cupcakes

After gifts were opened


The castle was really fun for the kids

These parents look tired!

Grace just loves Holly

We had a great Birthday party.  Thanks everyone for making it so special!