Monday, December 24, 2012


On normal days, Dan works in his office or sometimes on the couch with his laptop.  He is by far the most popular person in the house.  Elliott and Holly can't stand that his office door is shut and they can't get to him.  Elliott, being older, is much better about knocking (pounding) on his door.

Today Dan had the day off.  So, he was upstairs with the kids while I was cleaning and vacuuming downstairs.  E & H were screaming to get to me.  They needed their mom so badly!  I guess when I'm not 100% available to them all the the sudden I am quite amazing and they have to be with me.

Apparently from an early age you always want what you can't necessarily have!

Also, Elliott says my job is "playing" and that I never get a day off.  Thanks, bud.

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