Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pictures of Maui

It is Sunday night, Elliott and I have been home since Wednesday night. We've been pretty busy every evening since I've been home and I haven't had much time to sit down and finally post all the pictures I took while there. I took something around 260+ pictures, mainly because Sarah and Ryan's camera was broken so I was doing both families. Here are just a few photos from our trip.

Oh yeah, on the flight home Elliott finally fell asleep for the last 45 minutes. We, thankfully, had a row to ourselves again. Around 8:30 Hawaii time (10:30 at home) he curled up on the seat with his blanket. I think I'd like to take Dan on the plane next time!

Here is E on the plane over. We were getting close to landing and I had him strapped in. Who knew my water bottle would be so exciting!

Elliott hated the waves (because they were too unpredictable), but loved playing in the sand.

Thanks Ryan, Sarah, Brooke & Grace for letting us tag along.

Sisters :)

Elliott loved the pools. He had a little ring here that he used quite a bit...not that I let go of him!

Aunt Sarah & Elliott

E snugged up after swimming.

Sunset from our balcony. We were able to see both Moloka'i and Lana'i - you can see the latter here.

Brooke & Elliott wrestling. (I think this is my favorite because they both are totally happy here - pure joy!)

E was making this funny determined face the entire trip.

Getting ready to swim, again. No, we didn't get tan. I did have many people ask me if I had on sunscreen and if I had put enough on Elliott.

Grace loves to give hugs this way. She is so sweet

Ryan & Brooke - this might be my second favorite picture.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Paradise Found!

On Friday night last week my sister, Sarah, called me to tell me how amazing their time in Maui has been. They had a huge set of rooms at their timeshare and wanted to confirm that Dan and I didn't want to come out to visit. I think they were 1/2 way joking, but Elliott and I took them up on the offer. On Saturday morning E and I flew out to Maui. I definitely had my reservations about taking Elliott on the plane for his first time....alone! He slept for a total of 30 minutes of the 5 hour flight. But, he was pretty good the entire time. We lucked out with having an empty seat next to us, thankfully!

It is beautiful here! The timeshare resort is amazing and we have an oceanfront room. Not too much is on the agenda every day other than going the pools or the beach. Elliott isn't too sure about the ocean - I think it freaks him out. Yesterday we swam for a long time and he loved it! We took him down a very short water slide and he was thrilled.

I don't have any connector to upload all the pictures I've been taking. When we get home I'll do another entry with pictures.

Elliott and I are leaving tomorrow afternoon. We've had a great time here and are feeling very lucky to have been able to take such a fabulous vacation at the very last minute. The only think theat would have made it better was if Dan had been able to come :( Ever the practical one he stayed home to work and save some money. Dan, next time you are coming!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Peeping Eyes

So, when I shower there is a little peeping Tom watching me. He's 30 inces tall (85%), 23lbs (55%) & has a huge head that appears bald in some lights (90% head circ.). Whenever I shower and E is around he has to watch me the whole time. He'll wedge himself in between the shower and the wall and talk to me. But, the second I'm done and open the shower curtain he crawls away.

Maybe I should be glad he likes me and wants to know what I'm up to. However, I do think I'd like to take a shower without an audience. Do other kids do this? His other fun trick is to now wedge himself in between me and the cupboards in our kitchen when I'm in there cooking - or whatever I'm doing.

I suppose I should be thankful that he still likes me enough to want to be around me so much.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Yoda & Cupcakes

I'm feeling much better today. Not sure what happened last night. Woke up feeling like I could eat again. On Saturday we made the rounds of families houses and parties for Halloween. Dan dressed up as Spock, Elliott was Yoda and I was a black cat. Of course, no pictures of me (at least on my camera) but here are Dan and Elliott.

Finally able to crawl up all the stairs at Sarah's house:

All the cousins. So, not everyone is smiling, but I think you can see all the faces.

On Sunday we had Elliott's first birthday party. We decided to just have family over, which is a total of 20 people -including 6 kids! Needless to say once everyone was there it was crazy, but fun. Elliott had a great time, hopefully everyone else did as well.

Excited over new toys!

Yum...Birthday Cupcake!

In other news...Elliott is still trying to be more brave with walking. On Halloween we were at a party with him where there was a little dog. E was walking all over the place to get this dog. I think he finally realized he can do it. Since then he's been much more brave. He wasn't too sure about that cupcake. He was pretty clean with eating it :)

Hope everyone else had a fun Halloween!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween & BIrthdays coming soon...

I have tons of cute pictures of Elliott, cousins and family from Halloween and his Birthday party today. But....I am not doing well at the moment. Not sure if I got my niece, Brooke's, cold or I ate something that isn't agreeing with me. Who knows with my horrible immune system (due to taking steroids and other fun drugs all the time).

So, be patient for another day and I'll get all the cute pictures posted for all to see.