Monday, January 7, 2013

18 Months Old!

Holly is now 18 months old.  I can't believe it.  Two of my friends recently had babies and it is almost hard for me to remember Holly being that small.  How you forget those early, sleepless days!

Holly is such a funny girl.  She is probably the loudest baby I've ever come across.  In the past few days when she is wanting something if you happen to mention exactly what she wants she will respond with the loudest most emphatic "YES" ever. Her language skills have really taken off this past month.  She is trying more words every day.  Even if she doesn't say the word correctly we are usually getting the right amount of syllables.  She's adventurous at home and acts like everything is her personal jungle gym.  This girl isn't afraid of falling.  She also does full back floats in the tub, she will just lay there relaxed floating around.  I'm amazed.

She adores Elliott and wants to be doing whatever he is doing.  She knows his special stuffed animals and will bring them to him if he's left them somewhere.  Most days they get along really well.  Some days Elliott wants to play with her, will hug her and talk to her all the time.  Other days...not so much.

I feel like she is really starting to grow up.  She's so independent that we hardly use our baby gates anymore.  She can go up or down the stairs with no problems and is quite safe about it.  We finally cut her off her final bottle (before bed).  She was only getting 2oz for probably a month before we cut her off, so she didn't really need it but was used to it.  I am starting to get her used to the idea of potty training - we'll see how that goes...

Holly liked to play in her old moses basket.  We would load it with toys for her.

Being silly in the shopping cart. I have one of Elliott doing the same thing.

Sweet brother wanted to hold Holly 
Naughty Holly was joining Elliott in time out. (back in October)

Holding hands at the zoo a few days ago.

Elliott is doing great. He has a great time at Preschool.  Parents are required to help there about once a month. I wasn't sure about how I would like that, or if I would feel weird being there with the kids.  It is so much fun!  The kids are hysterical and it's great to see what he is doing while there.  He has made some new friends and really missed them over winter break.

He continues to be crazy over legos.  We are trying to play more board games with him so that he understands winning and losing - not always easy for him to grasp.  He is showing more interest in letters and putting sounds together.   He is definitely testing his limits and boundaries, something he started after Holly was born.  I don't think he had the terrible 2's but we are getting some of that now.  Consequently we have had to add new rules to our everyday routine, which is good for him in the long run.  Overall he's is great.  The kid can talk....endlessly :)

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